HOW TO: Pampas Grass Chandelier

Wow your guests and leaving a lasting impression with a beautiful hanging Pampas Cloud installation.

Follow our simple guide to learn how you can recreate a spectacular floating centrepiece for your home or event space.

Hang Out in Style

This hanging Pampas Cloud installation is suspended in mid-air like a pendant. We’ve used everyone’s favourite rustic dried flower, well it’s actually a grass.

Don’t Be Chicken

You can do this! It all starts with a solid base medium for your Pampas Grass. We use chicken wire because it is easily available, affordable and non-toxic. Hang with wire or fishing line.

Play All The Angles

This is the most important step. Work around your base, inserting Pampas Grass from different angles. You want a fluffy, balanced, rounded final shape.

Raise It Up

When you’re happy with the shape, shorten your tie points to raise it up. Expert tip: spray the Pampas Grass with hairspray to minimise shedding. You’re welcome xx


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