Welcome to our series on birth month flowers.

Are you born in August?! Have you ever wondered what your birth flowers were? Prepare yourself for some super fun flower education. Everyone deserves to know their birth flowers!

When you search birthday flowers online for August, the most commonly known birth flowers that come up are the gladiolus and poppy flower, however, if you type in Australia’s seasonal birth flowers the Banksia native flower comes up! So we thought it would be interesting to shed some light on all three beauties because why not!

The gladiolus flower is a perennial flowering plant known for its tall height and for its abundance of vibrant colours. These flowers are stunning! If you have never seen a gladiolus flower, imagine the inside of a Hibiscus flower, they are very similar even with the spikes coming out of the inside of the flower. These gorgeous blooms range in size from miniature flowers to giant flowers! Gladiolus is a symbol of strength and integrity, and these flowers are a divine addition to a birthday bouquet, or simply in a vase in your desired room! They will bring all the colours that you need in your life, especially during winter

Gladiolus Flower

Poppy flowers excite everyone with their sweet, crepe-paperlike presence! Their flower petals look ruffled and look as though they’d be way too satisfying to scrunch up in your hand. You have probably noticed how frequently they are in stock at the moment, whether it’s at the market or your local grocery store – they seem to be everywhere and that’s because they absolutely thrive in Winter and Summer in Australia. 

Poppy flowers are mainly known for their striking colour palette which includes red, orange, yellow and softer shades of cream, baby pink and peach. We all know that the red poppy holds even more significance though! It is a symbol of Remembrance Day celebrated around the world for all those who lost their lives in World War I. These flowers hold such a significant meaning and will continue to do so for a lifetime!

Poppies look beautiful gathered together in an effortless vase, or if you want to be more artistic they look spectacular in a glass decanter! You can find a whole lot of decanter’s at the trusty ol’ op shops! They make a great gift to simply cheer someone up or as a happy birthday! Whoever is lucky enough to receive poppies won’t help but smile at these colourful blooms. 

Poppy Flower

We have saved Banksia to last! Banksia is an Australian Native flower and is commonly known as Burdettii Banksia. It is a species of shrub or tree of the genus Banksia in the family Proteaceae. Banksia flowers are initially a dreamy white shade before opening to a bright orange colour. These natives are a personal favourite at Fig & Bloom! We have even incorporated the banksia in our Broome design which is filled with Australian native flowers and features a scent of Eucalyptus. This arrangement is insane and we can’t tell you how popular our Broome design is for a birthday gift


We hope you enjoyed learning about August birth flowers as much as we did! Lots of love, Fig & Bloom.

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august birth flower
august birth flower
august birth flower
august birth flower
august birth flower
august birth flower