Welcome to our series on birth month flowers.

For those of you born in July, guess what your birth flowers are! Larkspur and Water lily. Have you heard of these flowers before? We are going to enlighten you with some flower education! Both are very gorgeous in their own ways and are perfect birthday flowers!

The Larkspur flower comes in a wide variety of vibrant colours, and one pattern we are noticing with flowers is, the different colours all have distinctive meanings which makes them all pretty special. The white Larkspur flower symbolises happiness whereas a pink Larkspur means fickleness, we found that one rather interesting because that’s not what you think when you stare at a gorgeous pink flower! A flower in our eyes can be whatever meaning you want it to be! All flowers make us happy!!

Have you ever seen a Water Lily plant? These are lush looking plants that grow in still or slowly moving water and their floating leaves are called lily pads. One single flower blooms at the end of stalk and that is the majestic Water Lily flower! These flowers symbolize rebirth and represent good fortune, peace and enlightenment. These are the kind of flowers that would stop traffic because they are just so special. You don’t often find water lilies in a bouquet of flowers but every now and then you may come across them! 

Who would’ve thought that two very different yet beautiful flowers would be your birth flowers for all of you born in July! 

Now time for star signs! Cancer and Leo are the zodiac signs for July.

If your birthday is between June 21 and July 22 you are a Cancer baby! You have a deeply emotional and intuitive character, and you empathise with other’s pain and suffering. Your family and friends are your truest loves, which shows your absolute true nurturing and sensitive traits! You love nothing more than a homely meal with your cherished ones and helping your loved ones out when they need it.

Now if you are born between July 23 and August 22 then you are a Leo! You are known for your warm-hearted generous, creative, passionate and humorous personality! Those of you who are born as a Leo are natural born leaders! Being dramatic, creative, self-confident and taking on a leader role comes very effortlessly to you, and you have a commitment to achieve anything and everything in your live. You are sociable, and all your friends adore you for your loyalty and generosity. Your sense of humour is contagious to those around you, and your cheerful personality brings out the best in everyone around you.

A tip from us before you go, it is always fun and meaningful to choose birthday flowers based on a loved one’s personally – so if they’re fun then go for SUPER fun and vibrant flowers! You can be as creative as you wish when it comes to choosing the right birthday flowers!

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Happy Birthday Flowers