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November born friends! We all know what your star signs are; Scorpio and Sagittarius but what about your birth month flowers? This is something not everyone knows about (yet) but we are going to tell you! The birth flower for this lovely time of the year is the very gorgeous Chrysanthemums. At Fig & Bloom, we absolutely love these flowers and if you haven’t noticed, we use these flowers in nearly all of our floral designs

Chrysanthemum flowers have a nickname of “Mums” and they beauties are commonly known as one of the most cultivated flowers in the world. You will find these flowers blooming just about any time of the year! They come in the shape of puffy looking poms to more stringy looking petals to even quill shaped flowers. Each type of Chrysanthemum has its own beauty about it, and the colours vary from different hues of pink, white, green, yellow, orange and the list continues. These vibrant flowers will always be the focus of any garden or bouquet of flower, and the intricate detail inside the flower is a feature you can stare at for hours. They are just beautiful!

november birth flower

These flowers are native to Asia, and in both Japan and China chrysanthemum’s resemble a powerful emblem of youth. They are even celebrated yearly in Japan at a festival called “Festival of Happiness” We wouldn’t mind going to that festival! As we are learning each colour of a flower generally has a unique meaning, a red chrysanthemum symbolism “I love you”, and a white means innocence, purity and pure love. If you ever want to send a meaningful message through flowers then at least now you know the meanings! 

If we were to name a few of our designs which featured various types of Chrysanthemum’s they would include; London, Pyrenees, Osaka and we have even more! These unique floral designs all represent different cities and each design is our very own colourful interpretation of these cities. You certainly won’t run out of choices if you are trying to choose the perfect bouquet for your bestie, lover or mum’s who are born in November! 


Before we go, we hope you enjoyed some sweet flower education on November’s birth flower and we will add that these dreamy blooms are an absolute statement alone in a vase if you are looking for your weekly flowers to put in your abode! 

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