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Okay October born people! Your birth flowers are Marigold, Cosmos and Protea. All incredibly unique to each other, but we can agree they are all just as gorgeous! 


Marigold flowers are stunning! They grow in colours that remind you of blissful sunshine: bright yellow, orange, white, rich gold and warm red hues. These blooms will blow you away with their vibrant beauty and they look ever so dreamy in a bouquet! A fun little fact about Marigold flowers is, once upon a time these flowers had a negative connotation with jealousy and cruelty being attached to them, but now in the modern times these flowers represent fierce love, passion and creativity which is a much happier meaning! Marigold flowers are not just known for their beauty but these flowers have been a part of a long tradition in medicine with healing inflammation and skin problems.

october birth flower


Cosmos flowers are delicate and delightful! These flowers originate from Mexico, however you will often see these flowers in people’s gardens here in Australia. Cosmo’s thrive in dry hot climates so spring and summer is the perfect time to plant these blooms. The name Cosmos in Greek means tidy, beautiful and ornamental. The flower’s scent and vibrant colours add to it’s features of tranquility, wholeness and modesty. These dainty flowers look dreamy in a front garden and are a beautiful flower to spot whilst going for an afternoon stroll. 

october birth flower


It is time for Protea! The Protea flower is native to South Africa but also grows very well in Australia. Diversity, transformation and courage are the common words that symbolize this native flower. We often see these pink beauties in lots of floral arrangements, they are a gorgeous feature and have become among the most desired native flowers in Australia. These gorgeous flowers feature in our ‘Florence’ design which has become one of our most popular purchased flowers at Fig & Bloom. The combination of pink Protea flowers mixed with the pink Tulips, Stock, Anthuriums and vibrant green foliage are an absolute sight for sore eyes!

october birth flower

Now that we have enlightened you with your birth flowers for October, you will have way more fun choosing the perfect flowers for your special friend or loved ones! Before we go, we will give you a quick reading of your zodiac star sign!

If you are born from September 22 to October 22 you are a Libra! Librans are known for being peaceful and fair, and they will do anything to avoid conflict, keeping the peace whenever possible. Your personality traits include gentleness, sharing with others and harmony and you grace everyone in your lives with your contagious, positive energy. We all love to be around a Libra! 

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