What’s a Broquet?

Broquet is a specialty bouquet range, designed by Fig & Bloom for men to send to their ‘bros’ as a unique gesture to check in with one another. We’re donating 50% of all proceeds from to Gotcha4Life to build mental fitness in individuals and communities across Australia.

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Who is Fig & Bloom?

Fig & Bloom has floral stores in Sydney and Melbourne and believes you can ‘say a bunch’ through floral arrangements.

Who is Gotcha4Life?

Gotcha4Life is a not-for-profit foundation creating meaningful mateship and building mental fitness, emotional muscle and social connection in local communities to improve mental health & end suicide.

Wait, But Why Send a Broquet?

Broquet is our way of helping fund Gotcha4Life’s life-changing work to build mental fitness in men across Australia.

Products Available

The Broquet collection includes 3 different styles, each with two sizes. Made from a unique range of preserved flowers & foliage which lasts up to 6 years provided cared for adequately ie. not in direct sunlight, wind, or water.

Pinnacles Broquet Styled


Simply white, we named Pinnacles Broquet after the limestone pillars that stand in the Western Australian outback.

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Uluru Broquet Styled


Rugged with bumpy bits that stick right out, we named our Uluru Broquet after the big rock in out country’s red centre.

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Daintree Broquet Styled


Our Daintree Broquet features deep emerald green & ash gold. It’s a little bit colourful, maybe like some of your mates.

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“Zero suicide, that’s our vision. Simple as that. I want a society in which everyone has a Gotcha4Life mate. That go-to person who you can open up to and rely on about anything. A world where we seek help when life gets challenging. Where we can build open and honest relationships and feel comfortable expressing ourselves, no matter what.”

Gus Worland Founder of Gotcha4Life

Why should you participate?

Studies continue to indicate that while men find it valuable to check in with one another, it doesn’t happen naturally and sadly rarely occurs. Sending flowers to a friend is a powerful act of kindness, made even more powerful with 50% of proceeds from each Broquet donated to Gotcha4Life.

What is the impact?

On average, $40 from each Broquet purchased will fund one person’s participation in a Gotcha4Life presentation or workshop that will build mental fitness in men across the country.

Where does your donation go?

50% of proceeds from each Broquet purchased will be donated to Gotcha4Life to fund participation in educational workshops and presentations that work to build mental fitness in men and communities across Australia.

If you’ve got a mate you haven’t reached out to for a while and you know he’s struggling, he might have gone a bit quiet, a Fig & Bloom Broquet is the perfect thing to send to them. It might just kickstart the conversation he needs.

Kellie Brown Founder of Fig & Bloom

Delivery Areas & Freight Times

Fig & Bloom can offer same day delivery in Melbourne and Sydney. For regional Victoria and all other states, Broquets will be delivered via Australia Post, meaning it could be delivered between 3-5 days depending on postal demand.

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