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Discover which flower matches your zodiac sign

Whether or not you believe in astrology, horoscopes have always been quite fascinating. From Virgo’s typically being the quiet, sensitive type to Leo’s usually being known as the loud, cheerful bunch, your astrological sign is usually quite accurate. Which is why we thought we would do some research and match each of your horoscope signs to a designated flower.

fig and bloom

Interactive Flowers Bloom Bright In Jerusalem

Built in 2014, the four interactive and motion-activated flowers go by the name of ‘Warde’ and are over 30-feet-high and 30-feet-wide. Perfect for all passengers exiting the nearby tram, Warde’s colorful installation gives the city residents a touch of spring year-round. HQ Architects chose Vallero Square as the site of the installation because of the area’s poor condition.

Anemone Flowers

Spring has sprung at Fig & Bloom

Choosing the right flowers to carefully place in and around your home can be as tough of a decision as any. Now, factor in the fact that even flowers and plants go in and out of season and it just made that decision making process even harder, didn’t it?

exploded rose flower

Photos of Exploded Flowers by Fong Qi Wei

Exploded Flowers is a photo series by artist Fong Qi Wei that was awarded second place at the International Photography Awards way back in 2012. These beautiful photos show several varieties of flowers dissected into individual components, much like exploding fireworks. Such a simple concept, yet so beautiful and inspiring.