vincent van gogh flower parade

You’ll never guess what these giant floats are made from

Every year in the sleepy agricultural town of Zundert, the Netherlands, huge crowds assemble. They come from far and wide to watch a colourful parade known as Bloemencorso Zundert (“Corso Zundert” for short). Held on the first Sunday in September, the festival has been running since 1936. Talented artists decorate the bright and colourful floats in thousands of Dahlia flowers grown in the region.

Flamingo made from pink gerberas and twigs

Flower petals transformed into birds

Hong Yi, also known by her nickname, ‘Red’, is an artist known for creating pieces using everyday, unconventional materials. Red has been featured in publications including Wall Street Journal, TIME, Fast Company and Huffington Post. See how she transforms ordinary flower petals into incredible works of art.