Choosing the right flowers to carefully place in and around your home can be as tough of a decision as any. Now, factor in the fact that even flowers and plants go in and out of season and it just made that decision making process even harder, didn’t it?

Yep. Been there, done that. We totally understand.

As we get ready for the seasonal transition from winter to spring, all of us here at Fig & Bloom thought we should put together a list of flowers that will be coming into season these coming months, giving you just enough time to carefully plan all of your garden needs for the beautiful spring season.


Anemone’s aren’t only beautiful, jewel-toned flowers with a history dating all the way back to Greek mythology, Anemone’s contain special shades of vibrant magenta, red, and purple. Adding a few of these beautiful (unscented) blooms breathe a whole breath of fresh air in any room, bouquet.

Anemone Flowers


Us here at Fig & Bloom like Bouvardia’s because they are perfect for any classical arrangement or bouquet. Bouvardia’s have clusters of small, star-shaped blossoms that burst out its leafy green stem that even give the flower a certain sense of delicacy alongside their enthusiasm, as well.

Bouvardia Flowers


Ah, Camellias. The perfect symbol of loveliness and beauty. Originally stemming from China, the multi-petaled Camellia is relative to the tea plant but carries its own kind of beauty, contentment, and excellence. The Camellia is an excellent choice if you’re looking to swap out any of your existing stems for the spring season. The only problem? Usually you can’t buy Camellias from a florist because they don’t travel well. But maybe you’ve got them growing in your garden… or there is always the beautiful Rhododendron Garden in the Dandenongs 😉



Hey, now. We know what you’re thinking. “Ugh, carnations.” Don’t turn your nose up too quickly, Carnations are quite the long-lasting flower so if you’re looking for something you can leave in place for awhile, these are perfect for you. Carnations are also quite an inexpensive way to invigorate your room with lush colour and when you bring them all together.

Carnation Flowers


The Freesia provide a very sweet and almost fruity scent to any room they’re in and pack a lot of fragrance in only a few blooms so you won’t be needing many of these to make their presence known. With a few green buds clustered along its stem, Freesia’s are the perfect structure to add height and drama to any bouquet.

Freesia Flowers


We admit, Iris’ have an unusual shape when it comes to flowers but that might even be why they have been admired by so many throughout history. Ancient Greeks associated Iris’ with their Gods, ancient Egyptians linked them to their Pharaohs, and even medieval Europeans thought Iris’ signified chivalry. History aside, the Iris’ numerous shades of white, yellow, and purple provide these flowers with an “edgier” vibe than most and almost guaranteed to capture the attention of anyone in their presence.


Iris Flowers

Lily of the Valley

With an unmistakable fresh, perfume-like scent, the Lily of the Vally is one of a kind. Quite literally one of a kind because we can’t think of many other flowers that pack such a fragrance in such a small size. With their bell-shaped florets that dangle from its thin stem, the Lily of the Valley is often even called “the ladder to heaven.” In fact, the Lily of the Vally is even linked to ‘the goddess of springtime’ so if you needed any other reason to add these flowers to your spring arrangement, look no further than these.

Lily of the Valley

Phalaenoposis Orchid

Quite possibly one of the sexiest and exquisite flowers of all, the Phalaenopsis Orchid is cultivated worldwide. Orchids can be used in literally everything. Bouquets, arrangements, boutonnieres, you name it. Phalaenopsis Orchid will always be a perfect decision for any room or situation you can think of and are also an excellent flower if you’re looking to create a cascading arrangement.

Phalaepnosis Orchid


Last, but certainly not least, is the Rose. It’s really no wonder why the Rose is the most beloved of all flowers. The ultimate symbol of beauty and love, the Rose even gives a particular vibe of royalty, too. Since Roses have become so accessible, adding a Rose to any bouquet or arrangement has since become quite affordable. Whether or not you like any of the above, we can surely guarantee a Rose is a perfect addition to any assortment of flower blooms.


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