So, it’s late at night and you’ve just crawled into bed after a long day and you’re about to start your final “social media check-ins” for the day. You start scrolling through your feeds and gossip websites as you begin to fantasize about what kind of a life you would have as a celebrity. You’re jolted into reality as you remember the project deadline coming up for work but the fantasy still lingers in the back of your mind all the way up until you close your eyes and doze off.

What if we told you there was a way that you actually could live like a celebrity for a day?
What if we even told you that you could live like a celebrity on one of the biggest days of your life?

Let’s take a look at some inspired wedding florals that will help you present beautiful space to your guests and make you feel every bit of the celebrity you deserve to feel like on your big day.

Pomander Balls

The allure of pomander balls is yet another decoration that goes overlooked when it comes to wedding decorations. They are reasonably priced and provide a unique sense of glamour they give flowers and they are especially beautiful when you have tree branches you can tie them to but a ceiling also works quite well, too. We might even suggest using silk bows to tie them with if you’re looking to add some extra elegance to the overall display.

wedding floral ideas

Floral Crowns

We especially like them because they can give a sense of uniqueness to what usually tends to be quite regular in weddings. Rather than just having your bridesmaids wear the same dresses, what if they were also wearing the same beautiful floral crowns alongside the bride? It is quite easy to picture but it looks even more elegant in-person. This is your wedding after all. You should feel and look like royalty.

wedding floral ideas

Famous Flower Backdrops

Well-designed floral backdrops have a special way of enhancing the look of photos taken at your wedding. When your guests go to take selfies or big group photos, how great would it be if they all had the same beautifully designed backdrop behind them? Whether you decide to go with a floor-to-ceiling design or just a portable wall, there is no doubt your guests will be able to appreciate it. You could even separate your backdrop from the rest and use real flowers rather than a picture of them.

wedding floral ideas

Floral Staircase

We believe this to be one of the most intricate displays of flowers at a wedding but it is also one of the most stunning, too. Can you imagine a unique array of flowers lined along the presence of a staircase? It doesn’t necessarily have to a “functional” staircase, you could even use it alongside the backdrop idea mentioned above. There’s something symbolic about staircases when they’re used as a decoration piece and we believe the natural beauty of a floral staircase will take your wedding to the next step.

wedding floral ideas

Decorative Floral Aisles

We’re always quite amazed at how many ways there are to utilise flowers in a wedding but we’re even more amazed when you can use them for something as simple as lining an aisle and how elegant you can make that look. Floral aisles have become quite a signature for celebrity weddings. It’s almost like a secret only shared between expert wedding planners. Well, guess what? The secret is out and we want you to be the first to use it in effortlessly amazing style.

wedding floral ideas

Floral Tea Cup Arrangements

We know this idea isn’t for everyone, but if Royal Doulton is your thing. Floral tea cup arrangements can be used in a number of ways to accent the other decorations at your wedding but we like to use them for replacing enormous centrepieces at each of your guest’s tables. Intricately designed tea cups literally overflowing with stunning flowers will automatically set your wedding apart from traditional weddings.

wedding floral ideas

Floral Tents

Floral tents may be the most extravagant arrangement on this list and it certainly doesn’t lack in uniqueness. Very popular among celebrities, floral tents are slowly becoming more popular in more weddings but has yet to catch the type of general popularity we would expect them to have. This pristine arrangement will make your guests feel like they are walking into a beautiful paradise and anyone passing by your wedding will wish they received an invite.

wedding floral ideas

Floral Table Runner

Floral table runners are a perfect idea for your wedding if you’re truly looking for a way to separate yours from the rest. Without obstructing any views or disrupting your guests from eating, floral table runners not only enhance the appearance of any table but when you look at them from above they are quite spectacular to look at. Cloth table runners can be quite bland for how expensive they tend to be so why not spend the same amount of money on something even more unique?

When you are planning your wedding or any event for that matter, we know how important it is for it to feel special and unique. All of the ideas we listed above are new ways we believe you can incorporate your sense of creativity, elegance, and uniqueness. Whether you only choose one, mix-and-match, or if you choose them all, these decorations will create a memorable atmosphere for your guests and truly make them feel unique on your truly special day.

wedding floral ideas