Funeral Flowers — Sympathy Flowers

Funeral flowers and sympathy flowers

A fresh floral arrangement is a beautiful symbol of your love and sympathy for the deceased and their family. At Fig & Bloom, we have a lovingly curated range of funeral flowers and sympathy flowers for funeral and memorial services. Whether you’re planning to attend a church memorial or funeral service directly at the graveside, we offer funeral wreaths, floral bouquets, casket sprays, standing sprays and other funeral flowers.

Send bereavement flowers to comfort loved ones

It’s always a good idea to send sympathy flowers, flower arrangements and tributes to honour the life of a loved one. Moreover, it’s also a kind gift that allows immediate family members to understand they are not alone in their loss. If you are sending your flowers to a church, crematorium or funeral home, it’s best to get them delivered on the date of the funeral.

Alternatively, you can send them to the home of the grieving family or close relatives a few days or weeks after the passing. Sending bereavement flowers is a thoughtful gesture and a comforting reminder to the recipient who will appreciate knowing you’re thinking about them.

Why floral arrangements are used at funerals

The tradition of adorning a funeral service with fresh flowers is a common one. In this difficult time, these funeral flower arrangements bring beauty to the memorial, adding to your meaningful goodbye. They also convey a deep sense of sympathy and respect for the deceased and their closest family members — spouse, children, siblings, parents and friends.

On a casket, this is called a casket spray where you’ll see beautiful displays of one or several types of flowers and greens sitting on top. Formal standing arrangements are also often utilised, as well as headstone sprays, memorial wreaths, vase bouquets and floral bushes. Whether you need fresh or dried floral tributes at burial or memorial services, Fig & Bloom offers premium floral arrangements to help you connect with your loved ones.

The symbolism behind traditional funeral flowers

In funeral services, it’s important to use the right colour and type of flowers. As every flower and colour symbolises something, being mindful of what flowers you choose for your arrangement should be a priority.

White is the traditional colour of funeral flowers as well as sympathy flowers. It’s why white flowers are often most commonly seen at funerals alongside other pastel blooms. Sometimes you can see other colours such as yellow, pink, blue or lilac. However, they tend to be pale and muted colours as it’s best to use bright coloured flowers sparingly to maintain the atmosphere of the funeral.

Pink flowers for instance represent softness and sympathy. While the colour red, in the context of a funeral, indicates beauty, strength and deep sorrow. Depending on the type of blooms arranged by your florist or funeral director, your funeral flower arrangements can be bold and impassioned or gentle and self-effacing.

White roses — the most popular funeral flower

Why are white roses often seen at memorial services? The white rose is a popular choice in funeral arrangements because it symbolises purity, innocence and youth. They also convey deep reverence for the deceased. Although the meaning behind sympathy flowers can differ from country to country, white roses remain a universally beloved funeral flower.

White chrysanthemums — a flower with strong cultural ties

In European culture, chrysanthemums are used for funerals and no other occasions. As a funeral flower, white chrysanthemums symbolise death, sorrow and grief. In Asia, white and yellow chrysanthemums are widely used to say goodbye. This ‘golden flower’ indicates reverence and humility, purity and innocence and sympathy for a bereavement.

Standing sprays, memorial wreaths and casket flower arrangements

Not only do flowers convey different meanings in a funeral service, they can also be arranged into a wide array of styles. In funeral and memorial services, casket sprays, large wreaths, crosses, and other medium or large arrangements are often commissioned.

Wreaths for one represent eternal life. This circular floral arrangement can be placed on the casket, on the grave or displayed on a stand. On the other hand, standing sprays are funeral flowers designed on easels. They are ideal for use at graveside memorial services. Often, funeral directors would place them near the casket. In most cases, large formal standing arrangements are sent directly to the funeral home while smaller to mid-sized bouquets are delivered directly to a relative’s home.

Lilies, roses and chrysanthemums are often featured in a funeral wreath or spray, while marigolds, carnations, daisies and baby’s breath are preferred in bouquets.

Express your sincere condolences with a flower delivery

Do you need to send floral tributes to support grieving family members and friends? Whether you need your beautiful flowers delivered directly to the memorial service or the residence of immediate family members, our florists at Fig & Bloom are ready to support you in these difficult times. We create contemporary floral designs to suit the theme of your remembrance. There is no better way to express your sincere condolences than through a personalised flower delivery.

Same day delivery across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Ease this time of mourning for loved ones with a thoughtful flower delivery. Fig & Bloom offers a wide range of sympathy flowers and funeral flowers. We provide same day delivery across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you need your bereavement flowers delivered straight to the chapel funeral service, crematorium, the home of close friends and family or graveside burial, we’ve got you covered.

Order your flowers online at Fig & Bloom

Simply choose from our contemporary floral designs or commission a bespoke bouquet of your choice to suit your needs. We have a select range of recommended styles featuring white flowers and lush green foliage. From white lisianthus, white roses, white lilies to orchids and other gorgeous blooms and Australian native flowers, we have beautiful designs and special offers for your funeral and sympathy flowers. Finalise your order today before 1pm to enjoy same day delivery of your flowers.

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