Choosing flowers for your wedding day is a big deal – and such a difficult  decision! There are just so many beautiful blooms to choose from… it can all get a little overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re going to give you a helping  hand this autumn, which means you can take it easy and enjoy your special  day. 

We’ve already talked a bit this year about our wedding trend predictions for 2023. Smaller bouquets and arrangements are super trendy right now – no matter whether your personal preference leans towards delicate and dainty  or a handful of bold statement flowers. We’ve also made it clear that we’re  embracing pink this year, so don’t shy away from colour for your nuptials. And as always, sustainability is getting more and more stylish every year,something we are incredibly passionate about here at Fig & Bloom.  

So with that being said, we’ve curated our top picks to include in your wedding this autumn. They’re all native to Australia, and in season to boot. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest. Photo by @100layersofcake

Our top flower picks for your autumn wedding


There are a whopping eleven species of Correa, all native to Australia! In fact,  they’re found in many Australian gardens, and are a big favourite of birds. 

They’re well known for their bell-shaped flowers, and come in colours ranging  from delicate whites to bold reds. You might be familiar with Correa Canberra  bells, which are a gorgeous two-toned red and cream colour.  

As you may know, we love a striking native. So these are some of our top picks for a statement wedding flower. 


Big bright trumpet-like flowers in a whole variety of colours… What’s not to  love? There are about forty species of Hibiscus native to Australia, but they grow all over the world. They also have cultural importance, from Asia to the Americas to Polynesia, having been used to symbolise gods. They’re also the national symbol of countries all around the world.  

Not only have they got all that going for them, but they also represent sunshine, good luck, and happiness. Sounds like the perfect flower to wish you well on your wedding day! 

Fan flower

The fan flower or fairy-fan flower is a beautiful bloom featuring small blue, mauve, or white fan-shaped flowers. It also goes by the name “left-handed  half flower”, because its five petals all fall on one side of the flower, and  somewhat resemble four fingers and a thumb (very much in a beautiful way, though).

In fact, a Hawaiian legend says the fan flower used to be two of these hands joined together, representing a pair of lovers with intertwined hands. The gods supposedly separated the lovers, so the flower now signifies an outreaching hand searching for their lover. What a perfect flower and sentiment to bring to your wedding day – complete the story when your hand joins your partner’s.

Image courtesy of Pinterest. Left: @nouba_blog. Right: @silvertreebotanics


These wonderful flowers are shapeshifters, with over a hundred and fifty species of Hakeas native to Australia, coming in all colours, shapes and sizes. Find orb-shaped, spidery, or even spear-shaped Hakea blooms! That means there’s a Hakea out there for everyone, and you can find the perfect variety to make a bouquet uniquely for you. 

Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Scented Ironwood, or Sweet Verbena tree – whatever you want to call it, it’s named after these gorgeous aromas because of the heavenly scent it releases when you crush its leaves. It’s actually used medicinally by indigenous Australians for its antimicrobial properties, and can also be used in cooking.

While you hopefully won’t be healing cuts with these blooms on your wedding day, you can definitely benefit from their fresh smell and delicate cream petals. What a gorgeous idea for a wedding day!

Image courtesy of Unsplash. Photo by Ear Wilcox


Whether you’re holding them down the aisle, or they’re gracing your table centrepieces, you’re sure to make a bold statement with a Banksia. These unique blooms are known for their colourful flower spikes – they often come in yellow, but you can also find them in many other colours.  

They’re hardy flowers, naturally adapted to bushfires, which has led them to represent rebirth and regeneration. Another lovely sentiment to bring to your big day, as you start a new life with your partner.


Also known as the Golden Everlasting, these flowers symbolise immortality, because of their ability to retain their gorgeous colour long after they’ve been cut. They naturally come in bright yellow or white and look similar to daisies, but with paper petals. They’re known to close up at night, and reopen at sunrise – we just love this about them.

Find a way to weave these into your wedding day to celebrate the brightness of your pairing, and to represent your everlasting love.

Only the best for your big day

Whatever flowers you choose for the big day, we hope your wedding is filled with love and joy. All the gorgeous blooms will ensure that you’re surrounded by beauty on your big day – but you can also rest assured that you’re making a choice that will take care of the planet, too.  

We are passionate about picking sustainable flowers, so we hope you find something from our list that inspires you. If you’re looking to partner with someone to create the perfect arrangements for your big day, get in contact with one of the team now! In the meantime, check out our selection of bouquets, where we try our best to select the most beautiful, seasonal, and local flowers.