HOW TO: Dry + arrange your flowers

Give your Fig & Blooms eternal life

If you’re lucky enough to have received a bunch of Fig & Blooms, you’ll know the sadness that sets in when they start to wither away – especially if they have sentimental value.

Watch the video below to learn how to dry and arrange fresh flowers, so that you can give your blooms eternal life.

Forever Flowers

Drying your flowers is not only a great sustainable alternative to swapping them out for more fresh blooms, but also the perfect way to hold onto those sweet memories of your birthday, wedding, anniversary or first date.

Drying your flowers

Some flowers dry better, and others need to be reinforced with floral wire. Watch to learn how to dry your flowers correctly before arranging them.

Arranging your flowers

When working with dried flowers, your vase doesn’t contain water. This makes arranging dried flowers easier than working with fresh flowers.

Tinting your flowers

Even if you follow all the right steps, drying your flowers will naturally give up much of their colour. Good news is you can tint your flowers any colour you like.

Forever Flowers by Fig & Bloom

Our dried flowers arrangements have just landed, each one inspired by the signs of the zodiac. The perfect birthday gift for your bestie (or a good reason to spoil yourself 😉)