Our minds are already preparing us mentally on how to stay calm, collected and creative going into the last stage of lock-down but don’t worry – we got you! 

We welcome our first ISO activity; How to make a DIY flower crown’ and we guarantee this DIY activity will keep your minds and fingers busy! When we think flower crown – we think weddings, hen’s parties, festivals and events in general, and we know you’re probably thinking, what could you possibly need a flower crown for when we can’t go anywhere BUT the beauty of this activity is to focus on the craft and to use this craft as a meditative iso coping mechanism which you can complete with your loved ones, your flat mates or just by yourself if you’re looking for some you time. 

Flower Crown

How to make a flower crown

  1. Measure your wire to your desired size 

    The first step is to shape the wire to your desired size. The best way to get your desired size is to measure your own head or if it is for someone else then we would suggest getting their measurements beforehand. 

  2. Wrap greenery around the base of your crown

    Cut small sections of your chosen greenery and start taping them to the crown. Continue to add bits of foliage until your crown is covered EXACTLY how you desire. 
    Tip: there is no right or wrong way of adding your greenery, you can add A LOT to none depending on what style you’re going for!

  3. Create little flower bunches to attach to your crown

    With your chosen flowers, arrange the flower order you want and make up little flower arrangements. We would suggest you leave the stem 4 inches long for sturdier flowers such as Ranunculus so you can wrap the stem of them in wire. This is our personal fave part, arranging our flower combo!!! This is where you feel like a true florist.

    *NOTE* The flowers we recommend using include; Carnations, Roses, Lisianthus, Baby’s Breath, Ranunculus and for the greenery; Ivy, Eucalyptus, Ruscus and Lamb’s ear but you can be as creative as you wish! 

  4. Attach your flowers to the crown crown ?

    With your first bit of tape wrap it around your first flower and place it on the outside of the wire so the pretty side is visible. Make sure to wrap the tape ever so slightly around the first flower and keep a little bit of the tape leftover, so you can add in your next bloom! When it comes to adding your next bloom, you want to place the next flower over the part where you can see the tape. 

    *NOTE* This will become a gradual process with adding each flower and you will get the hang of taping the flower side by side in NO time!! There is no time frame so take your absolute time and enjoy the flower therapy. 

  5. Store your finished crown in the fridge to keep it fresh?

    Et voila! Your dreamy DIY flower crown is finished! We hope you LOVE! To keep it fresh for a couple of days we would suggest keeping your crown in the fridge and spritzing it with water!

    We hope you are feeling all of the zen creative vibes and you are ready to wear your flower crown! Keep your eyes peeled for our next ISO activity. 

flower crown

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