You may not have known but there are secrets to long lasting flowers. How long your flowers last, depends on how kind you are to them. In this short guide we look at 6 easy tips for longer lasting flowers.

You can sing to them, name them, photograph them & make them famous Instagram but unfortunately it won’t make them last longer (who knew, right?!).

Long lasting flowers is more art than science. Here is 6 of secret tips from our expert floral designers at Fig & Bloom:

Follow these instructions to help your flowers stay fresher for longer!

  1. Ensure your vase is clean on the inside

    Wash it, as you would the dishes. Use hot soapy water, then rinse thoroughly.

  2. Pour some bleach in the bottom of the vase

    A single tablespoon of bleach in the bottom will do the trick. This cleans the water and the stems. Long lasting flowers are clean flowers!

  3. Fill the vase with cold water

    Pop some ice cubes in the vase if they’re available.

  4. Cut the bottom of the stems on an angle.

    his ensures that the stem can drink the water, like a straw. Long lasting flowers aren’t left thirsty!

  5. Keep the vase away from direct sunlight.

    The heat will cause the flowers to wilt and will accelerate aging.

  6. Change the water regularly

    Change the water every 5-6 days, trim the stems and add bleach each time

Voila! Your flowers will last much longer πŸ™‚

Fig & Bloom, the Home of Long Lasting Flowers

Oh, and by the way…

T h a n k y o u for all your emails about subscribing to Fig & Bloom. I’ve had my tech wizards working away & we can announce you can now subscribe to receive flowers delivered each week in Melbourne. This means, when you become a member, you’ll receive a gorgeous bundle of flowers delivered to your work or home, each week.
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We are currently sending flowers in Melbourne & hope to be up and running in each capital city in the coming months.

I’m looking forward to delivering to all our new customers now that subscribing to be a member is up and running. For my existing customers, I’m so glad the ordering process is even more simple for you.

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See you soon,

Kellie xx

Update: January 2019

Fig & Bloom is growing! We now offer flower delivery to Sydney and flower delivery to Melbourne.