Do you need another ISO activity? We have you covered with our DIY Origami Cherry Blossom activity! There is nothing more satisfying than opening your mind to creative thinking, folding paper and watching the paper fold into a sweet cherry blossom… ?

Why do women like flowers? Lot’s of reasons! And it’s the same with origami…

Origami is known to be a very therapeutic practice! When you practice origami you work both hemispheres of your brain. The right is responsible for creativity and the left is responsible for logic. By working both sides of the brain, origami can productively help us to develop motor skills, boost brain power and encourage creativity. This Origami Cherry Blossom activity is the perfect iso hobby if you need a lunch break, an unwinding activity after a long day at work or a weekend hobby to get your creative energy going.

We have become addicted to making origami flowers as the flower options are endless!!! It is a hobby we couldn’t recommend any more! We even made the Origami Cherry Blossom ourselves which you will see featured in the video below. We hope you have fun with this activity!!

Look after yourselves during this time, it’s been a wild year thus far in 2020 ❤ Practice mindfulness and creativity to get keep that calm energy flowing and lets continue to spread the love as we all need it.

Lots of love, Fig and Bloom. XX

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