If you are trying to find a flower delivery service that will get you your flowers when you need them, Interflora Australia may be an option for you to consider. 

Or, you may want to purchase bouqs in Australia from an independent florist. The choice is yours, but you need to know how Interflora works before you can make that decision. In this article, we’re going to be looking at how you can send Interflora flowers anywhere in Australia, so keep reading if you would like to find out more.

How to send Interflora flowers

What Is Interflora Australia?

Interflora Australia is a website that amalgamates a range of other websites in order to send flowers in Australia. It’s important to understand that this company does not own florists, nor do they put together the flowers or deliver them. The easiest way to think about this is to think of it as a booking site. You can order flowers through this site, and the orders are then sent by Interflora Australia to one of their approved florists. The florist will then put together your order and send it, with the florist then paying a certain percentage of the order value to Interflora. 

You can send flowers pretty much anywhere when you use Interflora. This saves you the hassle of finding a florist yourself, and instead allows someone else to do it for you. Some of the locations that you can send to include Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and most other places.

Interflora was actually created in the UK, and has been around for almost 100 years now. It’s original name was ‘Florista Telegraph Delivery Association’ and was loved by florists as it was a way for them to get more orders for their shops. 

In 2019, Interflora UK was purchased by Teleflora, which is the world’s leading floral wire service. The purchase was completed for almost 60 million USD.

Interflora have been delivering flowers in Australia for over 60 years now, and have around 750 florists in their network. As a whole, Interflora covers around 150 countries, with roughly 50,000 florists in their network.

How To Send Flowers With Interflora Australia

To purchase flowers with Interflora Australia, you simply have to type their website name into the search bar. You should type in www.interflora.com.au to see the website. Interflora will send flowers almost anywhere, but just check locations before you start the process to make sure they deliver where you want them to. It will give you the option to either type in a postcode, or there is a drop down menu if you can find your location there. 

How to send Interflora flowers

Once you have provided your location, the selection of flower bouquets that are available for you to choose from will then be available. These will be listed with the price of the bouquet so that you know what you should expect to pay. It’s important that you understand that you will see all of the bouquets that are available to be delivered to the location that you have specified, so it can get a little overwhelming with all of the choices.

When you find the bouquet that you like, click on it and Interflora will offer you the option of standard or premium size. You will also have the option to add on another additional gift such as wine or chocolates that go fantastically with flowers! Then, click order now which will take you through to your order summary and shows you how much the delivery is going to be. You might be wondering how much is Interflora delivery? Of course, the delivery cost depends on the location that you have chosen for the flowers to be delivered to. If you have a promo code, now is the time to include it. 

Next, the website will move you on to a page that allows you to either log in or check out as a guest. You can also register for an account if you don’t have one but would like to order again in the future. From there, you can enter the details of the recipient and a card message, as well as any special delivery instructions that you may have. A summary of your order will then appear so that you can check all of your details are correct, as well as the final delivery cost including shipping and a delivery date. 

Now it’s time to pay. You will be able to choose a payment method from the accepted list including PayPal, credit card and Afterpay. When your payment has been processed, Interflora Australia will send the request to a florist in the location that you are sending flowers to. They make the bouquet and send it to the recipient. It’s a pretty easy process to follow, so you shouldn’t have any issues completing it. 

More Information About Fig And Bloom

Fig & Bloom do not operate as part of the Interflora Australia network. We curate all our own designs and source all flowers ourselves independently. By doing this, we can ensure that we are fully responsible for the product at every step of the way, from creating contemporary and fashionable designs, ensuring the final product looks fantastic and that the delivery goes smoothly. It also means that if you have any queries, you can deal directly with our customer service team instead of going through a larger platform.

How to send Interflora flowers

Bloom & Wild are a UK flower gifting service, and if you are looking for a comparison service, this would be it. This company invented the concept of letterbox flowers. This is where flowers that are in bud are packed and sent to the customers in a gift box through the mail.

The shape of the boxes for letterbox flowers is essential as they fit through most letterboxes. This means nobody has to be home for delivery, and ensures that you still get the flowers that you have ordered. It also makes the entire process that little bit easier for those who have a hectic lifestyle and can’t guarantee they will be at home at any given time.

When you place your order, that’s when we start sourcing your flowers. You can then guarantee that you get flowers that are fresh, and there is a lot of waste eliminated from the process.

How to send Interflora flowers

Does Fig And Bloom Work The Same As Interflora?

The short answer to this question is no. As we are not part of the Interflora network, or any flower network, we are responsible for all orders received. We do not outsource any orders to another provider, instead handling them ourselves to ensure the best quality for our customers.

When you start the process with us, we handle every single detail of your order. We design all of our own bouquets so that they are perfect for our customers, before sourcing the flowers that we need. We believe that it’s important to have quality control over this, which is why we prefer to operate on our own. From there, we will prepare the bouquet that you have chosen and get it ready to be delivered. 

Our service is a little different from most of the others in Australia, and that is why we believe it is so popular. Flower giving should be a pleasant experience for everyone involved, and through our personal approach to this, we believe that it is. Unlike anything else that you will find in Australia, at Fig and Bloom we strive to provide whatever you need, designing beautiful bouquets for every single occasion. 

How to send Interflora flowers

We can deliver your flowers to almost anywhere in Australia with our new Australia wide service, but make sure that you check our website to ensure your desired area is covered. For Australia wide, we can currently post plants or dried arrangements, and are planning to be able to delivery our fresh flower bouquets Australia-wide very soon!

How to send Interflora flowers

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now understand what you need to know about how to send flowers with Interflora Australia. The process is not a complicated one, so it’s not going to be too much of a nightmare when the time comes for you to order. Or, you can order from an independent flower shop that is not in the Interflora Australia network. The choice is yours!

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