Lisianthus, an elegant and versatile flower – is one of our favourites at Fig & Bloom. Not only does it come in a rainbow of colours, it is also long lasting with the ability to stay fresh as a cut flower in a vase for up to two weeks!

Here are some of our favourite Lisianthus colours at F&B.


Apricot Lisianthus

The Apricot Lisianthus have a special magical quality – they change colour as they bloom! Often confused for a different species/colour, they start as a soft green hue and turn into a coral, peachy pink colour when they open. The perfect blend of cool and warm tones – it’s almost like a watermelon flower!

Pale Pink 

pale pink lisianthus

This colour of Lisianthus is very feminine, and can inspire thoughts of joy and new life. They’re a perfect flower to celebrate a new adventure or for a baby shower present!


lavender lisianthus

A softer purple tone, this colour inspires feelings of warmth, familiarity and comfort. Do you have a mothers birthday coming up or want to let your favourite auntie know that you’re thinking of them? This shade of Lissie can help communicate your message of care and warmth. 


yellow lisianthus

Yellow – most often associated with feelings of joy, positivity and brightness. The yellow Lissie is quite striking and is an ideal shade of Lissie to give to a friend or a loved one embarking on a new adventure or life event!

Deep Purple

deep purple lisianthus

A deep purple Lissie is quite a rich, powerful shade. Similar to royal purple, this flower can be a great token to celebrate an achievement, a success or to just celebrate your loved one for being them! 


violet lisianthus

Blue-violet – similar to the open sea can produce feelings of openness, calmessness and a contemplative state. If you know someone who may be experiencing a busy or stressful period, this flower may be a good choice to provide feelings of relaxation and serenity. 


shades of lisianthus

White flowers – a classic and versatile shade! With the delicacy of the Lisianthus petal, the white shade can symbolise either youth and innocence, a new beginning or luxury. These are great for a bride or as a sophisticated statement. 


green lisianthus

An earthy tone, these Lissies bring you straight back to your roots. They can represent bountifulness and a connection to nature – great for helping someone to ground themselves or for nature lovers!


shades of lisianthus

As mentioned earlier, we love working with Lissies and incorporating their different symbolisms into our designs at F&B. You can view designs that incorporate Lisianthus here. 

As we all know – red is a very passionate and intense hue. If you want to really show someone you love them – a little splash of red can convey some pretty strong feelings!

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shades of lisianthus
shades of lisianthus
shades of lisianthus
shades of lisianthus
shades of lisianthus
shades of lisianthus