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Birth flowers by month

Looking for the perfect birth flowers but don’t know where to start? Flowers aren’t just beautiful gifts, they’re an amazing way to communicate with your loved one. In fact, there is a study entirely dedicated to the language of flowers. Floriography is something an experienced florist can take advantage of when creating your floral arrangement. Whether you’re looking for February birth flowers or August birth flowers, we’ve got you covered. At Fig & Bloom, our specialty is connecting you with your loved ones through the gift of flowers. Meaningful, expressive and exciting, we elevate your gorgeous blooms into contemporary designer bouquets.

Make the most of your gift-giving occasion with our birth flowers

At Fig & Bloom, we design premium floral arrangements with our freshly sourced birth flowers. Our floral designs incorporate a versatile range of birth month flowers, dainty flowers, seasonal blooms and foliage. From red roses, snapdragons, January carnations to November chrysanthemums, we create personalised flower bouquets to feature your loved one’s birth month flower. Make the most of your gift-giving occasion by ordering a surprise flower delivery for friends and family with Fig & Bloom.

Celebrate your loved one in an authentic and memorable way

Not only do flowers carry outward beauty, they offer inherent symbolism to help you convey a heartfelt message. When you want to remind a special someone just how much they mean to you, we have a wide range of birth month flowers to help you celebrate them in a way that is authentic, memorable and unique. Shop our birth flowers today to make their day.

The language of flowers

Did you know that flowers have different meanings? Each flower conveys something special and unique, carrying their own inherent symbolism. You can incorporate them seamlessly as a gift-giving language like no other present.

Carnations for instance are the birth flowers of January. They represent devotion, love and loyalty. Meanwhile people born in April have daisies and sweet peas as their birth flowers, which represent innocence, purity and true love. Those born mid-year have roses as their June birth flowers. As for October birth flowers, you have protea, a pink beauty that has quickly grown to become one of Australia’s most desired native flowers. From everlasting bonds to pure love to new beginnings, you can convey just about any emotion with the right choice of flowers.

Elevate your flower bouquets with deep symbolism

Happiness, beauty, hope—flowers carry many meanings which vary depending on their arrangement. Whether you’re shopping for flower bouquets for December babies or September babies, we’ve got beautiful flowers to help you convey how you feel about your loved one. If you’d like to incorporate your recipient’s birth flower in their premium floral arrangement, Fig & Bloom is the best to deliver a unique, personalised design that is sure to capture the essence of your message.

Are you looking for a beautiful gift for someone dear to you? Shop our flowers today. We can help you pick the perfect variety to match their personality, the lives they’ve led and how you feel about them. There isn’t a more heartfelt way to remind a special someone how important they are than through a personalised flower delivery.

Fig & Bloom delivers contemporary flowers

Our team of creative floral designers is the best in the business. Every floral arrangement that leaves our studio is handmade with love and the utmost attention to detail. We accept orders for same-day flower delivery until 1 pm each day. Order flowers online and one of our friendly and professional drivers will deliver your flowers to your preferred address.

If you have any questions or want to talk with someone who can help process your order, please get in touch via one of the methods on our Contact Us page.

Delivering fresh flowers to your address

We are different from any other florist. Fig & Bloom is a contemporary florist that delivers premium, designer flower bouquets to your home. We source our flowers from the best Australian growers at the wholesale market each morning, which means your flowers last as long as possible.

It’s true—we send you a photo!

Fig & Bloom wants you to feel completely confident when you order flowers for yourself or to surprise a loved one. We believe seeing the flowers is half the fun! When your order has been delivered, we’ll send you a confirmation email along with a photo of your unique order for your peace of mind.

Same day delivery by 5 pm

Need your flowers delivered fast to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane? No problem, we have a priority same day delivery service and can dispatch your order with the next available driver (a surcharge applies).

If our driver has any difficulty delivering your order, they’ll call the recipient. And if they can’t get in touch with the recipient, the driver will leave your flowers at the front door (assuming it is safe to do so).

Order beautiful birth flowers from Fig & Bloom today

At Fig & Bloom, we help you deliver love through the gift of flowers. Whether you’re celebrating a friend, family member or a loved one, we create something special and unique to help you convey a personalised message. Shop our premium floral arrangements today. We offer same day delivery on your contemporary bouquets when you finalise your order before 1 pm.

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