International Women’s Day is an incredibly important day. We believe it’s very
powerful in continuing to highlight the inequality women still face, both around
the world and here at home.

Kellie, our founder and Creative Director, really emphasises how important this day
is to her, the company as a whole, and shares her experience in the industry as a business owner.

Kellie, Founder and Creative Director

‘We feel it’s incredibly important to talk to men and women about International
Women’s Day. It’s the opportunity to vocalise where there’s still vast differences
in equality for women: the pay gap, the number of women in executive roles
and parliament, and lower pay for female dominated industries. International
Women’s Day is an opportunity to highlight some of the statistics around
inequality and ingrained misogyny.

Ironically, a man at a multinational, multimillion dollar company is hosting an
International Women’s Day event this year and asked us if we would supply a
huge amount of flowers in exchange for social media exposure. It’s instances
like this that we need to talk about.

Flowers are expensive, and it’s time consuming to create the beautiful table
centrepieces. Our business is a product and a service; requests like this
indicate that neither is valued. I lead from the front in these scenarios to
support my female lead team, and respond firmly to these types of requests.
When my partner Dan started working within the business, he was shocked to
see how I was treated. I had to explain to him that the behaviour had actually
improved over the years.”

For this reason, we always love to celebrate the day here at Fig and Bloom
– especially with a team of around 85% women. To do so, we had an
empowering conversation with some of our incredible team members to learn
about the women that inspire them, advice they have for other women, what
it’s like to work in the industry – with the hope to inspire others to continue the
discussion, and effect positive change in our industry, and others.

The importance of International Women’s Day at Fig & Bloom

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Kellie, Fig & Bloom Founder & Creative Director

It’s about highlighting and shining light on the achievements of women and
validating and supporting women where I can. Starting at a grassroots level
and looking at what I can do to help change and improve within my own

Within the business, learning and growth are a huge focus. Hiring from within
and supporting the women in the business through training and supporting
their ambitions. I’m very sensitive to team dynamics, and using my intuition has
been integral in building a creative, successful and harmonious team. Listening
to my team and having the ability to implement changes quickly. Looking at
global leaders in a variety of industries for inspiration as to where we can go
and what we can achieve.

Gabby, Designer

Celebrating and championing the women in your life. Take it as a time to
reflect on the women in your life’s impact and the value they add to your life.
Also a reminder of how much is left to be done.

Ruby, events coordinator

For me International Women’s Day has always been about consciously
recognising the progress the women’s rights movement has made, as well as
the distance we have to go to achieve gender equality.

I like to use the day as a time to remind myself and others of the many small
actions we can take to progress women’s rights. Empowering my friends to
refuse always doing their boyfriends washing, volunteering at local women’s
shelters and donating clothes and sanitary items to charity.

Penny, Marketing Assistant

International Women’s Day is a great reminder to honour the wonderful
women who inspire us everyday. It’s also a time to reflect on how far we have
come and how far we have to go, and what we can do to get there.

Tahlia, Operations Manager

For me International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate all of the
amazing things women are! #girlpower. It’s a chance to reflect on all of the
things you’ve had to overcome, and all of the brilliant things you’ve achieved

How has Fig & Bloom empowered you in your career?

Kellie, Fig & Bloom Founder & Creative Director
As a female founder and leader, in many conversations, the power balance is
weighted against our gender. Being able to make firm decisions quickly has
been very empowering.

I recently interviewed for a new accounting firm, and during a conversation
with one firm, I explained that we have 3 studios and disclosed the annual
revenue. His voice went up an octave and said “Good girl… Good on you…”
I don’t think he realised how patronising he sounded. I’m sure he would not
have said that if I was a man.

Gabby, Designer
It has given me the ability to do something I love and explore my passion. I
was previously working in the disability sector, so it was quite a big change.
I started out in customer service at Fig & Bloom, I wasn’t a designer and the
Founder and Creative Director Kellie trained and pushed me. I’m now really
confident in my design skills!

Ruby, Events Coordinator
Before working at Fig and Bloom I never dreamed I’d end up a florist! I
started off washing buckets and prepping flowers a few days a week, while
attending university. Now I have been a florist for over a year and have had
the opportunity to work in Events Management while our Founder Kellie is on
maternity leave.

Working at a small, woman owned and founded business has been fabulous,
and taught me how to handle dealing with uncomfortable situations while
remaining professional and not allowing my work, knowledge or experience to
be belittled or reduced by men because of my gender.

Fig & Bloom has empowered me so much in my career. Coming from a
marketing background and wanting to move into floristry, I wasn’t sure what
my career would look like. Fig & Bloom opened the doors for me to combine
the two. I am learning more everyday about marketing and also the art of
flower design.

Tahlia, Operations Manager
Fig & Bloom is a company full of wonderful, talented, creative women. As a
company Fig & Bloom have always supported us achieving our goals and
empowered us to embrace being strong women in our industry.

Kathryn, Head of Design & Events Sydney
Fig and bloom has empowered me in my career by being a non-judgemental,
happy, nice environment to work in, with a team that supports each other and
encourages you to be yourself. And to have a go.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Kellie, Fig & Bloom Founder & Creative Director
Try to see the funny side more! I tend to take things too personally and get
frustrated sometimes.

Gabby, Designer
Follow your instincts, and go with the good feeling. If you have a passion for
something follow that!

Ruby, Events Coordinator
Do not prize politeness over your own comfort and safety.

Penny, Marketing Assistant
Trust in your life decisions because no one knows you better than yourself!

Tahlia, Operations Manager
Take the leap and do something you love! You will absolutely thank yourself for
it, even if it seems impossible at first!

Kathryn, Head of Design & Events Sydney
Some advice I would give to my younger self is to not care what other people
think, and to love myself and believe in myself. And know that I am amazing
just the way I am.

Which women inspire you the most?

Kellie, Fig & Bloom Founder & Creative Director
I love listening to podcasts of women at the top of their game in all industries.
I enjoy hearing how leaders forged through adversity.

Gabby, Designer
My friends and my sister. They are all so different but they find and follow what
is true for them and that is inspiring.

Ruby, Events Coordinator
Women like Dominique Jackson and Michelle Yeoh who have persisted in spite
of adversity and while in the public eye for such a long period of time are very
inspiring to me. So are Greta Thunberg and Waris Dirie, who use their activism
to uplift and create change for women. Honestly any woman, especially those
who struggle forward without putting others down or sacrificing their integrity,
is, in my opinion, worthy of praise.

Penny, Marketing Assistant
My mum, because she’s incredibly selfless. And my friends who give me the
gift of loving female friendships everyday. I am also inspired by any woman
who lives authentically and exists in complete comfortability in their own skin.

Tahlia, Operations Manager
My Mum has always inspired me by being a strong, hard working,
independent woman with a kind heart.

Kathryn, Head of Design & Events Sydney
Women who inspire me are women in my family. Who have lived through
difficult times and similar experiences to what I have had and tell me how they
got past it and what helped them.

Celebrate the women in your life

We hope you found this conversation as inspiring and empowering as we
did. While we believe that this should be celebrated every day, even in some
small way, International Women’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to reflect
on what this day means to you, and on the current situation of the country
you call home, and the world as a whole. It’s also the perfect time to show
appreciation for the incredible women in your life who you love and admire.

So join us in spreading the love! Take part in what the International Women’s
Day campaign has to offer, initiate conversations, or ultimately just show
someone that you care. Whether it’s sending a message, giving an amazing
woman a call, doing a small act of kindness, or giving a gift – do something
that makes another woman in your life feel good. From flowers, to chocolates,
candles, and more, you might just find the perfect thing at Fig & Bloom.