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Indoor Plants


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Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are much-needed additions to any home. A house simply feels cold and too sterile without them! They inject incredible bursts of life into any indoor space and encourage a more calming and peaceful atmosphere.

And the benefits don’t end with look and feel! By bringing the outside in, plants have been proven to improve our mental wellbeing and general health. Reduce stress by filling your living room and bedroom with plants, or boost creativity and productivity by placing them in your home office… no matter where they are, they’ll be sure to improve your mood.

Many houseplants are also known to remove toxins from the air that frequently pollute our homes from the harsh chemicals we use in cleaning products. The increase in humidity that coincides with plants in the home further boosts air quality, which can even help those of us with respiratory and skin conditions, as well as offset allergies and headaches!

Not only will they serve your own home well, but they also make for fantastic gifts for friends. Something they can nurture for years to come, it’s a gift that just keeps giving. They’re a more sustainable option than flowers too, so you can send a new plant completely guilt-free!

The magic of houseplants are endless, and they’ll bring such joy to you while caring for them. Browse through the houseplant offerings here at Fig & Bloom, and grab a new delight for your home or a gorgeous gift for a friend.

Indoor Plant FAQs

What is the easiest indoor plant to take care of?

If you’re a plant newbie, or you’re gifting to an inexperienced plant parent try Monsteras, Peace Lilies, Philodendrons, Succulents or Rubber Plants. But with a clear routine, you’ll find that most plants aren’t tricky to look after! Read the instructions given to you when purchasing, and just bear in mind the placement of your plants, as well as watering schedules. They don’t all like to be treated the same way!

Can I send a plant in the post?

Absolutely! At Fig & Bloom, sending plants as gifts is just as easy as sending a bouquet of flowers. We deliver houseplants to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and 850+ surrounding suburbs. So whether you’re sending someone a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day, you can order your indoor plant online, and send it directly to their homes, without any hassle.

Which is the best plant to gift?

It ultimately depends on the recipient’s plant experience and personal taste. If flowering plants are their thing, opt for the beautiful and elegant Peace Lily. If they like a bit of colour, a ruby or burgundy Ficus is a great choice. Succulents are your best option if your loved one is known to kill every plant in their care. But if in doubt, you can never go wrong with a Monstera Deliciosa!

How long can a plant survive in the mail?

The majority of houseplants can actually survive in the post for up to a week with no damage caused – some even longer! At Fig & Bloom, however, we offer express same-day delivery to reduce any risk.

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