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Anthurium Bouquets


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Where do Anthurium flowers come from?

Anthurium, the popular exotic houseplant has made a total comeback and has everyone asking ‘where does it originate from?’. The answer is; the rainforests of Central and Southern America. Anthuriums are of course, grown all around the world now and are readily available in Australia, and if you haven’t already noticed at Fig & Bloom, we absolutely love to feature a variety of different coloured Anthuriums in our floral arrangements. These arrangements include our ‘Cannes’ design and ‘Rio De Janeiro’ bouquets and we just can’t get enough of the soft dreamy colour palette of Anthuriums featured in our designs.

What colours do Anthurium come in?

The other common colours you will find Anthuriums come in are bright red, white, orange, purple, and pink. The colour variety is so vibrant that we can truly see why everyone loves to feature an anthurium plant in their homes, or seeing them in floral arrangements. They add so much boldness! The popularity of these plants in Australia is just wonderful, and honestly nearly every florist store or plant shop you go to, you will see an Anthurium plant.

Can you grow Anthuriums at home?

We would highly recommend purchasing an already grown anthurium plant if you are a beginner hoping to grow your own! The beauty of the already potted Anthurium plant, is all you have to do is care for with the right directions and it will look a treat in your home. So, you’re probably wondering ‘how do I care for it?’ and we are here to help with these super easy tips.

Consistent watering is super important when you are in the beginning stages of growing your Anthurium however keep in mind that in the winter period, the anthurium plant only needs watering once a week, whereas during summer, frequent watering at least twice a week is necessary.
Soil & sunlight are key

Well-draining soil is key for keeping your Anthurium plant happy and healthy! Make sure your plant is in a pot which has drainage so when you water you can drain your soil frequently. The Anthurium is prone to root rot and fungal diseases so draining your soil is essential!!
Indirect sunlight is VERY important when growing an Anthurium plant. These beauties need shade or indirect light, but it’s necessary to remember that too much sunlight can scorch your plant and then, not enough sunlight can interfere with the flowers growing.

Lastly, make sure you keep your Anthurium away from your children and pets as these plants contain toxic oils which can cause skin irritation.

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