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Birthday Flowers and Gifts


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The Best Birthday Flowers

After reading all about unique birth flowers, you are probably wondering how on earth can you decide on the best birthday flowers and gifts when there are SO many beautiful flowers to choose from? Well, don’t worry! By the end of this post you will be an expert on choosing birthday flowers and gifts.

So, let’s start off with a guide to our top five flowers which are a MUST-have in your birthday bunch. We promise that special someone will be talking about this bunch until their next birthday!

#1 Chrysanthemum Disbud

Chrysanthemum Disbuds are a jaw dropper and they are that perfect filler to every birthday bunch! What we love most about these flowers is their capacity to bloom into a big, incredible looking snowball. They come in a variety of colors and our personal favourite colour you will see in our own arrangement is white disbuds. The white Chrysanthemums are vastly versatile and they make a stunning feature flower when they are put together with almost every other coloured flower you can think of.

#2 Lisianthus

Next on our birthday flower list is the Lisianthus flower. Where do we start with this flower, we absolutely adore using this flower in our bunches and if you haven’t already noticed, we feature the Lisianthus in most of our Fig & Bloom designs. Just to name a few… Florence, Lisbon, Prague and the list continues but you will see more of our designs on our site!

The Lisianthus bloom has a delicate flower head however they are way more robust than you would think! Whenever we are in need of an elegant yet pretty looking flower for an arrangement we opt for the Lisianthus.. The dreamy pastel colours; pink, peach, and white are our personal favourites. This flower is the epitome of a chic, versatile flower and you will be heading in the right direction if you make sure the Lisianthus is in your birthday flowers! Not to mention, these flowers have a long vase life and they can last over 2 weeks!

#3 Carnations

Okay, it’s time for Carnations! Carnation flowers look similar to roses, however they carry their own unique beauty with their pretty ruffled petals. Carnations are the subtle yet romantic blooms every birthday bunch needs and the colour choices are limitless which makes it super fun when putting together the perfect birthday flowers. And of course, as you may know from learning about Carnations in our birth flower posts, these gorgeous flowers symbolise happiness and love so really, you need these flowers in your birthday bunch!

#4 Snapdragon

You may not be expecting Snapdragon flowers to feature in our top five list but just wait, we will tell you why! These highly vibrant and versatile spikey flowers add so much personality to a birthday bouquet and they most importantly, they create so much texture and volume which is essential to EVERY flower arrangement.

#5 Protea

Moving onto our fifth fav flower which is the very gorgeous Protea flower! If you didn’t know, this flower is native to South Africa but has become an exceptionally popular flower cultivated across Australia, and is very loved in the floral world! We personally love incorporating Protea’s into our birthday bouquets because their deep-colour adds that pop every bouquet needs, yet never in an overpowering way. They are so unique and stunning! Guess what our fav Protea is… the pink King and Queen Protea! The exotic pink hues these flowers grow in are next level!

What About Foliage?

Now that we have gone through our top five must-have flowers when choosing the perfect birthday flowers, although we could have easily listed more because the list of insanely beautiful flowers is boundless, there is one more tip to take home with you! To perfect your birthday flowers, every bouquet needs foliage! Whether it’s a gorgeous Magnolia leaf which creates a rustic feel, or the simple yet beautiful Eucalyptus which offers a refreshing scent, and of course, Viburnum foliage which ties in an effortless look and always contrasts beautifully with a variety of unique flowers. The variation of foliage is amazing, and they are the final touches your birthday bouquet needs to stand-out.

Birthday Gifts

Oh, and there is one lucky last thing you can’t forget… The gifts! Choosing a gift to go along with your birthday flowers can be the trickiest part because it is so personal but at Fig and Bloom, we tend to stick to the luxury everyday gifts such as a hand-poured soy candle, or a fancy bottle of Champagne with deliciously local made chocolate! These are all the kinds of gifts that compliment birthday flowers perfectly, and whoever receives a combo like this will be grateful for an eternity.

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