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Caladium Leaf Bouquets


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Where does Caladium Leaf come from?
The tropical caladium leaf originated in Peru and around the Amazon Basil in Brazil. These tropical leaves are such a perfect addition to have in your garden as a single feature or planted in groups. The heart shaped leaves keep their gorgeous colour throughout the summer, and into early winter if they are cared for properly so before planting these Caladiums make sure you know how to care for them.
Can you grow Caladium Leaves at home?
The Caladium leaf plant is super available in plant nurseries, or at your local florist! Although, if you are looking to grow your own then we would recommend trying as it’s a lot of fun to learn how to grow your very own tropical Caladium leaf plant.
Firstly start with getting yourself a tuber, this can be found at your local nurseries and garden centers. Just keep in mind, the larger the tuber, the bigger the number and size of the leaves A little tip to consider when growing Caladium leaves is, they need an acidic soil for good root growth and they are heavy feeders. Before planting, we would suggest planting pine bark or something similar with good dosage of fertilizer. Plant your tubers 2 to 8 inches apart depending on their size.
How to care for Caladium Leaf plants
The trick is to be patient, as it will take between three to six weeks for leaves to grow. Make sure you water thoroughly, and ensure the ground is never too hard or dry. We would recommend digging your fingers in the soil when you think it’s getting dry.
The Caladium leaf looks heavenly in gardens with the gorgeous bright, heart shaped leaves, and it looks perfect basically anywhere in the garden. If you can, choose a position with shade or indirect sunlight as they will flourish the best in those conditions. Make sure to keep them hydrated and fertilizer and they will repay you with vibrant tropical leaves.
You can grow Caladium Leaves from cuttings!
At Fig & Bloom, we are massive plant lovers and we love to be creative when it comes to adding greenery to our arrangements. If you spot a Caladium plant, or have one in your garden we seriously suggest cutting a few leaves and putting them in a vase. Their stunning colours can last for around 2-3 weeks, and will add lots of colour to your home.

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