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Carnation Bouquets


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Where do Carnations come from?
Carnation is a flower which belongs to the family Caryophyllaceae. There are over 300 varieties of carnations that are found across the world, however these plants originate from Europe and Asia.
Can I grow Carnations at home?
The question everyone asks is ‘can I grow Carnations at home’? And the answer is yes! We can tell you how to grow carnations in your garden and in a pot if you follow these rules.
Firstly, to grow your carnations in your garden you must fill starter pots or trays with seed raising mix and then dig in your Carnation seeds, cover, press firmly and water well. Secondly, water the seedlings frequently but ever so gently, and make sure you keep them moist during germination. In the meantime, while your seedlings are growing, choose a spot in the garden that gets maximum sun, and start to get the area ready for planting. We would highly recommend using a plant fertilizer and organic soil. Once your seedlings have grown big enough, then you can transplant them into your prepared garden bed. Make sure your seedlings are well spaced between 30 to 40cm apart. If you feel like mulching your garden, we would suggest mulching with organic mulch, such as bark chips, or sugar cane and feed your carnations every 1 to 2 weeks with liquid plant food. Voila! There you have it, we hope you grow gorgeous Carnations.
Can you grow Carnations in a pot?
Now, here is what you need to know about growing carnations in a pot! It is pretty similar to growing in your garden however what you need to keep in mind, while your seedlings are in the growing period, you must choose a pot that’s at least 200 mm wide and deep. Choose a position in full sun, fill your pots with organic potting mix and once your seedlings have grown big enough, transplant them into your pots. Just remember to feed your carnations 1 to 2 weeks with liquid food and your carnations should be looking dreamy in no time.
Carnation Bouquets & Arrangements
If you haven’t noticed, at Fig & Bloom, we are MASSIVE fans of Carnation flowers. These romantic, sweet looking flowers are so elegant and look stunning with basically any flower. Our absolute favourite arrangement is ‘Venice’ which features divine Carnations, mixed so beautifully with Lisianthus, Delphiniums, Roses, and Silver Suede.
The reason we call the Carnation flower ‘romantic’ is because of its colour meanings. Light red carnations represent admiration, while dark red means deep love and affection. White Carnations represent good luck and pure love, so if you are looking to send special flowers which mean LOVE then we would seriously suggest sending bunches with Carnations in them. Everyone loves Carnations!

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