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Colourful Flowers


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What are our favourite colourful flowers?

The list of colourful flowers could go on forever but if we were to select just a few, it would HAVE to be… Dahlias, Anemone, Orchids AND Peonies. Believe us when we say the list goes on and this is just a small snippet of our fav colourful flowers.

Colourful Dahlias

Have you ever seen a Dahlia flower in orange or yellow? They are a sight for sore eyes and an instant mood changer, WOW! These colourful flowers come in soft colours to extremely bright colours, and the beauty of choosing what dahlia colour matches your mood on a particular day is like therapy!

These colourful flowers make up for a perfect gift or look divine singularly in a vase in your room. We could literally stare into the intricacy of a dahlia flower forever… They are so aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Colourful Anemone Flowers

Anemone flowers are simply gorgeous. They have a simple, daisy-like shaped foliage and the sweetest little furry body inside. These vibrant blooms come in red, white, and various hues of dark and soft pink and purple. Red is our number one favourite colour of an Anemone flower, it’s beauty leaves us speechless every single time we are around them.

Colourful Orchids

There are SO many types of Orchids, there is the Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Moth Orchids, Singapore orchids and the list literally goes on but what we adore about these colourful flowers is their unique leaf structure and their outrageously bold and stunning colours. Lime green, yellow and burgundy are some of our personal favourites but honestly these colourful flowers are an obsession that will never grow old.

Colourful Peonies

Last but not least, Peonies. The flowers that everyone is always looking for as soon as it hits spring and summer because of their limited season, these dreamy blooms are an absolute treat to have in your home or to send to a very dear one. Peonies come in a perfect coral pink colour, soft baby pink and blush, white and burgundy. These colourful flowers are a huge crowd pleaser and we can totally understand why, look at them!

Colourful Flowers Delivered Across Melbourne & Sydney

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