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Get well soon! A guide to choosing and sending the most appropriate get-well flowers
Choosing the right flowers to send anyone whilst they’re sick can be slightly stressful because you really want the flowers to send the perfect message, but receiving flowers and thoughtful gifts from loved ones is always a token of support and encouragement.
Flowers brighten people’s lives, and bring a smile to people’s faces so no matter what flowers you send, you will be making someone feel happy. Follow our Get Well Soon flower guide, and we will help you send the most gorgeous cheerful flowers and you will be an expert flower picker in no time.

Go for flowers that are vibrant and cheerful
Pick flowers that are low-maintenance
Choose flowers that are allergy-free
Choose suitable sized flowers that will fit in a durable vase

Get Well Flowers Colours
The colours of get-well flowers make such a big difference in lifting a loved one’s mood, so definitely go for happy colours such as yellows, oranges, pinks, red, purples mixed together with a soft white if you want to go for a bright combination of colours. At Fig & Bloom, we love nothing more than arranging bold and happy bunches of flowers, so if you have a few colours in mind we will put together the most perfect get-well flowers.
We say low maintenance because whenever someone is in hospital, or in the comfort of their own home recovering, means the flowers you choose will not only last longer during that person’s recovery but it means there is little energy needed to put into looking after these flowers.
Allergy Friendly Flowers
Allergy-free is a good one to keep in mind when sending get-well flowers for lots of reasons! Some people may have allergies to flowers, whether that’s medical professionals, friends or family, so it is usually a safe option to pick flowers that are hypoallergenic.
Choosing flowers in a durable size or vase is certainly a good tip to have in mind when sending flowers to someone who’s unwell. Sometimes we like to send BIG gorgeous flowers bunches wrapped up and they look simply beautiful, however, these flowers are more suitable for birthdays or for other special occasions whereas if you go for flowers that are either a smaller size, or come in a durable container or vase, they more manageable and safer in a hospital room or in your loved one’s home.
Flower Meanings
Some of our fav flowers at Fig & Bloom which are simply perfect for get-well flowers, and we just can’t get enough of these flowers and their special meanings are: Carnations, Daisies, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Asters, Sunflowers and more!
Did you know that Carnations represent love and good luck, Asters bring happy cheerful wishes, Sunflowers symbolize optimism and eternity, Daisies represent cheerfulness, Yellow and Orange Roses represent positivity and lastly, Chrysanthemums bring happiness and optimism. So if you want to send an extra special message with your ‘get-well flowers’ then we would definitely suggest going for these flowers and even letting your loved one knows these special meanings because every person needs to hear these happy meanings when they’re in need of some sweet love and tender care.

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