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5 Most Romantic Flowers
Flowers can speak a thousand words, whether it is “I am thinking of you”, “I am grateful for you”, “I love you” or “Happy Birthday!!”, these are all popular messages we send when sending gorgeous flowers. Although there are many types of flowers we can send for these moments, when it comes to Romantic flowers we like to document the most romantic flowers to send to your lovers. We are going to share with you the 5 Most Romantic Flowers which we consider as your “go-to” choices when you or your partner are freaking out about what dreamy flowers to send, because let’s face it, we always want our choices to be perfect!
First on our list is…
I bet you guessed that one! Roses are generally first on everyone’s minds when we think about Romance, and of course, Valentine’s Day. What we love about Roses is they come in a variety of colors, however Red and blush pink, would be our personal favourites to send to our lovers. A deep red rose symbolises “everlasting love” which is VERY fitting when you want to show your partner how much you love them, and they just scream romance when you see a bunch of roses in sight.
Pink roses remind us of something sweet and youthful! The pink rose is always a perfect rose to send to your lover as it is a way of saying “I admire you” or “I am thinking of you” so what better flower to send. You can always send roses by themselves as they look so elegant and magnificent as a bunch, but the beauty of roses is, you can choose an arrangement which consists of roses and various other flowers that complement the rose. Now it is time for our second most romantic flower!
Carnations are always a soft and subtle choice of flower to send, and their meanings are super romantic! White carnations symbolise pure love, while pink means admiration. These blooms go beautifully in a mixed bunch or simply by themselves. We could stare into a carnation flower forever with it’s delicate detail and multi-petaled head. They are such a gorgeous choice to show your love to a special one, you really can’t go wrong with sending Carnations and expressing your great love and admiration to your special one.
Are you familiar with Camellia flowers? These blooms are beyond stunning with their delicately layered petals! What makes this flower even more romantic is, their soft layered petals represent the woman, and the calyx which is the green leafy part of the stem that holds the petals together, represents the man who protects her. So, if you ever feel like sending a bunch of camellia flowers make sure to tell your lover why you chose this flower because the meaning is just gorgeous. Oh, and the Camellia also represents eternal love so that’s an even bigger bonus as to why your special one would be filled with joy if they received this flower. The Camellia says nothing more than “You are my long-lasting love and I will love you forever”.
The next Romantic flower to send is… Blue Iris!
Blue Iris
This elegant and sophisticated-looking flower symbolizes hope and faith, and if you didn’t know this, Iris is the Greek Goddess of love. These flowers are a unique flower to give as a gift to someone special and their vibrant colour is so eye-catching, and they make the perfect romantic flower with their meanings of “hope, faith and love”. The Blue Iris expresses so much love and you can’t go wrong with choosing this flower.
Now the lucky last Romantic flower we have to share is… Stargazer Lily
Stargazer Lily
The Stargazer Lily is a bold and exceptional choice of flower to send. The colours are simply divine and vary from bright pinks to soft white. The beauty of these colours is you can really pick the colour that suits your partner or loved one the most, and we can guarantee they will absolutely adore these flowers as they’re an instant eye-catcher. They also look beautiful in a tall vase in the kitchen or perhaps on your dining table, but make sure if you have pets to keep these blooms far out of reach to your pets as they are not pet-friendly. Lastly, these blooms represent wealth and prosperity so they will always be a lovely choice to give as a gift as they are like lucky charms!
We hope you feel confident with your choices for sending romantic flowers, and although we have only shared 5 of the most romantic flowers, the list truly goes on. We are lucky to have endless choices of flowers to send to our loved ones, but these ones are definitely the top 5 meaningful choices (we believe). You can’t go wrong with any of these beautiful flowers for your loved one, and no matter what flower you send, the gift of flowers is always appreciated because as we mentioned before, flowers really do say a thousand words.
Flowers brighten any room and bring so much joy and happiness to the recipient.

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