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Lisianthus Bouquets


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How to grow Lisianthus
Lisianthus, also known as Eustoma Grandiflorum, is a warmer climate perennial flower which grows annually. You will often see Lisianthus flowers in gorgeous flower bouquets as they are certainly one of florists’ favourite flower. The question that some of you often ask is “how do I grow Lisianthus?” and we are here to share our best tips to help you grow your very own Lisianthus flowers.
Growing from seed
The first thing to remember about growing Lisianthus flowers is, they will grow in all climates, however their best ability to grow is summer. You can grow Lisianthus from seed, but as a beginner growing these beauties for the first time, we wouldn’t suggest growing them from seed since they take a long time to grow or unless they are cultivated under experienced greenhouse conditions. The best way to grow Lisianthus is to buy the flowered pots and voila, watch these flowers bloom.
Plant your Lisianthus in full sun; however, if you live in a place where the summer is VERY hot, make sure you choose a position where your plants will get afternoon shade.
The soil is an important part in growing your Lisianthus flowers. If you speak to any gardening expert they will advise you choose a planting position that drains well. Raised beds are perfect because they drain better and the sun reaches them quicker which means you can plant them earlier in Spring so that they can bloom (hopefully) by Summer! Use a soil that is organic, such as; manure, compost or leaf mold as Lisianthus need all the nutrients to grow perfectly.
Key tips to consider: Keep Lisianthus plants moist, but make sure they are not over-watered or “soggy”. Over-watering can lead to fungal diseases which is not ideal so if you are worried you may over-water, then we would suggest looking into a drip irrigation system as it gives your plants water right where they need, at their roots.
Temperature and Humidity
Keep in mind, Lisianthus flowers love the sun because they are originally native to the prairie lands of southern U.S and Mexico, so they absolutely thrive in dry and warm climates. If you live in a place that has limited sun or rains excessively we’d suggest not planting Lisianthus.
Lisianthus flowers grow the best when there is 1 11/2 times the amount of potassium as nitrogen, and apply it accordingly to the directions on the back throughout the growing season.

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