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Mother's Day Flowers


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If you are looking for information on Mother’s Day, and why flowers are important for this special day, we’ve got the information that you are looking for.

Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a Thoughtful Bouquet

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to buy flowers for your mum to show her just how much you appreciate her. Of course, you should appreciate your mum every day, but this is a special day, dedicated to her to stop and ensure she knows this. On this page, we’re going to be taking a look at Mother’s Day in general, and specifically some ideas for Mother’s Day Flowers. Keep reading if you are interested in finding out more.

A History Of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day once per year, in which we celebrate the mother of the family. Not just this though, but you can celebrate this with someone who might not be your mother but who you have a maternal bond with. You celebrate motherhood as a whole and the general influence of mother’s on society.

Mother’s Day is observed in most countries around the world. Over 50 countries across the globe celebrate this special day, but not everyone celebrates on the same day. It is usually observed in either March or May, depending on where you live. In America and a number of other places that followed their lead such as Australia, Italy and Denmark, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. In the UK, Mother’s Day is celebrated in March every year.

The origins of Mother’s Day are slightly different depending on where you are from. However, now it is generally agreed that it is a day that is dedicated to the appreciation of mothers and maternal figures in your life.

Why Should We Celebrate Motherhood?

A mother gives up a lot to become a mother, but she also becomes a lot more in the process. To become a mother, you are required to share everything about yourself, including your body for the first 9 months. But, it doesn’t stop there because those who choose to breastfeed continue to share their body with their child for however long they feed in this way. Caring, nurturing, teaching, helping manage emotions, teaching to understand right from wrong, providing a shoulder to cry on, providing a safe space, arms to love them, food, clothing and so on are all part of motherhood.

Motherhood, at its very core, is putting someone else’s needs above yours, no matter what. You have chosen to be responsible for another life, even if it means making sacrifices of your own. It’s for this reason alone that we should celebrate motherhood. Motherhood is the most selfless thing that any woman could possibly do, and that deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated. We often forget to tell our mothers just how much we love and appreciate everything that they have done, and continue to do in our lives, and this one day allows us to do so.

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day can also be celebrated by partner’s if the kids are too young to show their appreciation themselves. Partners have long since taken to Mother’s Day to praise the mother of their child for being the best they can be, and raising their children with love and care. It’s not just about your mum personally, it’s about all the mums and maternal figures.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There are a range of things that you could get your mum for mothers day, but remember that she is going to appreciate whatever you get because it is from you. One of the most common gifts for mother’s day is chocolate. You will see that most shops have chocolates on offer or specialised chocolate around this time to encourage people to buy this for their mum.

You could also think about getting her a gift certificate for a spa or something like this. Give her the opportunity to relax and get pampered, something she likely doesn’t get a lot of right now! Or, you could think about getting her a piece of jewellery such as earrings, a bracelet or maybe a necklace. Something personal like a locket with a picture of her children will always be a welcomed gift, as not only is it beautiful, but it shows that a lot of thought went into it.

If you want to go down the personalised route, then you could think about getting a necklace that has the names or initials of her children on it. This is a special gift that she will cherish forever, and it can always be added to if any more come in the future. It’s thoughtful, and something any mother will treasure always.

Another excellent gift idea is flowers. Of course, flowers are one of the most common gifts because these are generally associated with females and femininity. There are a range of different flowers that you can buy, with some of them being a more common gift than others. We’re going to talk about the official flower of mother’s day a little further down, but some of your other options include tulips, various coloured roses, and many more.

Choose something that you know your mother would like, or arrange for a bouquet of her favourite flowers to be made up.

The Official Flower Of Mother’s Day

The official flower of Mother’s Day is the carnation. If you are going to go for the traditional route and get your mum something that is officially associated with this special day, then carnations are the best choice. They come in a wide range of colours, but white is one of the most common for this day. If you are looking to get your mum something that is beautiful then these are certainly an excellent choice, and you are likely going to be able to get them in her favourite colour as well.

Mother’s Day Card Messages

Don’t forget to get a card for your mum on this special day. There are plenty of pre-designed ones out there that have sweet messages written on them. While there is nothing wrong with buying these cards, it might mean a lot more to know that the words written on her card came from you. There are various places where you can design and create your own cards with your own special messages on there. Let’s take a look at some inspiration for these messages.

  • Talk about how much your mum means to you
  • Mention that you are thankful that you have the mother you have
  • Write a poem for your mother
  • Thank her for everything that she does

These are just a few general ideas that we have come up with. If you are looking for something more specific, we’ve also got a couple of ideas:

  • I love our family and I love you (Partner card)
  • I’m so lucky to have you as a mother in law (Mother in law card)
  • I’m glad you chose to be my mum (Adopted child card or general)
  • Love you to the moon and back
  • You’re everything I hope to be one day

Again, these are just a few simple phrases that will mean a lot to your mum or the maternal figure in your life. You can, of course, write your own, even if it is a variation of the ones that we have just looked at. Don’t be afraid to get a little bit soppy in your Mother’s Day card because of course, this is what it is all about. There is a huge difference between being soppy and simply telling your mother the truth about what she means to you.

Mother’s Day Ideas

You might be trying to think of things that you can do to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mum. You want to treat her to something special, but you’re just not sure how. Or, you want to do something for her to show her how much you appreciate her but you don’t have any ideas. Down below you’re going to find a few to give you some inspiration.

Brunch With Mum

Have you thought about taking your mum to brunch? It’s a lovely way to spend time together, being able to talk to each other while enjoying a lovely meal together. You can make sure that it is just the two of you so you can spend some quality time together without your siblings or your dad hanging around. Or, you can make it a family affair if you are a close family who loves to spend time together. You can all tell your mother how you feel and how much she is appreciated at this special brunch dedicated to her.

Mother’s Day Wine Tasting

Another thing that you can plan for this day is a special wine tasting. If you know that your mum likes her wine, this is a great idea! Of course, you want to make sure that there is a designated driver, so either make sure that you don’t drink while you are there, or bring someone else with you who doesn’t. Alternatively, you could get a different mode of transport to and from the wine tasting venue. It’s entirely up to you how you want to plan it out, but you want to make sure your mum can relax, let loose, and taste some fantastic wine!

A Beautiful Bouquet Designed By Mum

If you know that your mum is quite fussy with the flowers that she likes, and what she likes put together, you can always get her to design a bouquet and order it in secret. Ask her to design something, make up an event if you have to, and then have them delivered to her door in the morning. It will be a wonderful surprise for her, of that we are sure.

How To Say Mum In A Variety Of Languages

It might not be a common idea, but you can learn to say mum in a variety of languages. This could be the perfect idea if someone that you have a maternal relationship with is not a native speaker of English and you want to make the extra effort for them. Let’s look at a few of them:

  • Afrikaans – ‘Moeder’
  • Croatian – ‘Majka’
  • Dutch – ‘Moeder’ or ‘Moer’ or ‘Ma’
  • French – ‘Mere’ or ‘Maman’
  • Hawaiian – ‘Makuahine’
  • Irish – ‘Mathair’

These are just a couple of examples. Many countries simply use the term ‘mama’ spelt with different variations to say mother. If the language that you want to know isn’t listed above, you can either use Google Translate or look it up. Or, if you know someone else that speaks the language, you could simply ask them.

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Information

If you want to give your mum your flowers yourself, then we do offer you a click and collect service. Order the flowers that you are looking through either by phone or through the website, and then pick the day and time that you would like to come and pick them up. This is a fantastic idea if you want to give your flowers to your mum personally rather than having them delivered.

However, having said that, we do deliver the flowers for Mother’s Day, even though it is on a Sunday. We aim to have the flowers delivered by noon so that your mum doesn’t have to wait too long to see the beautiful flowers you have chosen for her. However, if you would like them to be on the doorstep when your mum wakes up, we can offer this service so let us know that this is what you are looking for.

We hope that you have found this post helpful, and that you now understand some more about Mother’s Day, and the flowers that are associated with it. As well as this, you should now have more information about flowers in general when it comes to Mother’s Day, as well as some fantastic ideas for cards to go with them.

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