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Spring-time at Fig & Bloom!
It’s nearly Spring time! As florists, we would have to say this is the dreamiest time of the year mainly because it’s the time when all of Spring’s finest flowers bloom in Australia, and we are able to fill our vases with our all time favourite local in-season flowers! Whether it is native flowers or a variety of colourful flowers or sweet smelling flowers, there is so much to choose from and we are going to give you a guide to some of the best flowers the Spring season has to offer.
Where do we begin! The list of spring blooming flowers is honestly endless… There are Calla Lilies, Daffodil’s, Anemones, Freesia, Orchids, Ranunculus, Snapdragons, Sunflowers, and these are only just a few of the beauties that bloom gorgeously during Spring. With there being such a wide variety of blooms in Spring we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to arranging our own vases or choosing to send the most gorgeous flowers to our dearest and nearest.
Anoneme in Spring
We are going to talk you through some of our fav locally grown spring flowers! Let’s start with Anemone! This delicate flower comes in lots of different colours and our personal fav is red ?. The detail of inside an Anemone flower is spectacular and we could literally stare into it forever. These flowers require patience to flourish if it’s not in spring, but the best ability these flowers can bloom is during Spring. These beauties are available from September to November, and they look stunning either in a vase alone or arranged in a bouquet! Anemone is the perfect Spring flower if you ask us!
Ranunculus in Spring
Ranunculus is another stunning Spring flower we are obsessed with and we love to include in our bunches! The colour variations are insane, and some of our personal favourite colours include burgundy, pink, orange and yellow! The season for these flowers starts in late winter and goes until early spring so it is a fairly short season! Make the most of these dreams while you can!
Sunflowers in Spring
A flower that brightens the room with its vibrant presence is the lovely Sunflower! Everybody loves sunflower’s and Spring is the perfect season for these flowers. Sunflower’s come in many variations but we especially love the Tall sunflower, also known as Helianthus Annuus. These blooms are an easy flower to grow yourself so if you feel like adding sunshine to your garden try growing them! Plant these beauties in late Spring ideally once the soil is warm and place them in an area where they will get full sun! We hope you have fun growing these happy spring flowers.
Orchids in Spring
We obsess over Orchids, they make the perfect gift! You tend to find Orchids throughout the majority of the year however they need a lot more tentative care and the most popular Spring Orchid that blooms beautifully is the Thelymitra Orchids. These majestic purple flowers grow the best during Spring Summer and can grow more than 50cm tall! Other Orchids that are commonly grown in Australia due to the climate are the Cymbidium orchid and Phalaenopsis orchid. These dreams flower the best in late spring to early summer so keep an eye out for orchid’s and watch their magical flowers grow. A tip is to make sure you keep Orchids out of direct sunlight.
Enjoy your Spring-time blooms!
We hope you enjoy the gorgeous local flowers Spring has to offer and if you need a dreamy bouquet of flowers for a loved one have a look at Fig & Bloom Spring bunches! We source the best looking florals at the market and so our Spring selection is the finest quality and the colours are to die for! Enjoy Spring and get ready for summer blooms!!!!

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