We live in a world where it’s so easy to send someone a message whether that’s via WhatsApp, Facebook or SMS but flowers are this very traditional way of sending a message that actually means something and we love being a part of that. Although border closures, restrictions and lockdowns have taken away many of the physical gestures we can do for one another, sending flowers isn’t one of them. Through our Daisy Chain Project, we hope to be able to spread kindness, love and joy by empowering Aussies to pay it forward to family, friends and loved ones.”

Like a real-life daisy chain, the Daisy Chain Project will grow one bouquet at a time through a nominations-based process. To kickstart the Daisy Chain Project, two Fig & Bloom followers, Kathleen Tomas and Samantha Farthing were chosen through an Instagram contest to find the first links the chain. Both were tasked with nominating who they wanted to send a Fig & Bloom bouquet to, from which these recipients can then nominate someone else to be part of the project and so on, until the chain is broken.

We hope to see the Daisy Chain Project continue and grow for many years to come or for as long as it takes until the chain is broken. The last nearly two years of COVID have impacted everyone in some way or another and it’s been extremely tough for so many. Through the Daisy Chain Project, we hope to be able to brighten someone’s day, every day!

Justine Power

Wendy Le Fevre

Mary Hagiliassis